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Welcome to the Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies website, a University Hospital Hradec Králové portal dedicated to technology and knowledge transfer between University Hospital research and business, institutios and the region.

Newest Technologies

Our newest technologies can be seen below. Do not hesitate to contact us both when you need more information or you are interested in cooperation.


Immunosensor for Detection of Inflammation in Amniotic Fluid

PoC test for detection of inflammation in amniotic fluid.


Bacterial Detection in Amniotic Fluid

RT-PCR test for detection of bacteria in amniotic fluid.


Fetal Activity Monitor

System of sensors placed under the mattress to monitor fetal activity.


Gait Quality Diagnostics - Neurological Disorders

Wearable sensors providing immediate feedback to the user or physician.


Dually Acting Tacrine Derivates for Treatment of Neurodedeg. Disorders

Dually-acting compounds for potential therapeutic use.


Head and Neck Brace

Aid for patients with neuromuscular disorders (Amyothropic Lateral Sclerosis, etc).

About Us

We take care of your idea from the very beginning all the way to the market as well as we provide services both for our researchers and for industries.

IP Protection

Management of legal protection of new technologies streaming from research and development in the form of patents, utility models or classified know-how. We provide both administrative and legal support, we carry out patent and non patent literature searches.

Market-oriented Approach

Our main goal is successful conduction of the commercialization activities of IP, eg. licensing patents or launching spin-off companies. We provide researchers with both administrative and legal and business development assistance.

Applied Reserach

Joint research projects and laboratories with businesses on areas of common interest, services of on-demand research and consultancy.

Training & Networking

We provide training and education on intellectual property rights protection, the necessary conditions for the commercialization and relative actions and goals. We are happy to customize training to meet your needs.

Our Team

We are team of experienced experts working in the filed of technology transfer since 2012. We are happy to help you or meet your ideas!
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Innovation Network

Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies collaborates with key associations in the field of IP and innovation and takes part in national and international networks to gain value to reserach.


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