Lucie Bartošová

Lucie Bartošová, Ph.D., CLP, RTTP

Head of Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies

Lucie was one of the founding member of technology transfer office (TTO) that was established in 2012 and funded from the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovation. Since April 2014, Lucie has been working on the position of head of the Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies (CTBT) at University Hospital Hradec Králové. She is responsible for leadership (management / guidance), coordination of the CTBT team, creating business opportunities for the technologies developed at all partner institutions, management of commercialization processes at all partner institutions, setting the terms of contract research, creating and analyzing the commercialization plans, strategies and contract to suit the needs of potential licensees and appropriately reward inventors and research institutions, determining IP protection strategies and contracts and lecturing IPR essentials.

As was mentioned, Lucie started her career in the field of technology transfer as a technology transfer specialist in biomedicine and clinical studies in July 2012. She was hired for this position to build business opportunities fot the technologies created in the field of biomedicine focused on potential pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Previously she worked as a scientist with pharmacy background at the Department of Toxicology, Faculty of Military Health Sciences - one of the institutions linked to the established CTBT.

During her career in CTBT, she went through many tech-transfer trainings, workshops, conferences and seminars (AUTM, ASTP, WIPO etc.). She finished her studies at the Industrial property office in Prague receiving a certificate in the field of intellectual property protection in 2016.

CTBT was founded in 2012 at the University Hospital Hradec Králové as a joint commercialization office for researchers / scientists from University Hospital Hradec Králové (UH HK), University Hradec Králové (UHK) and Faculty of Military Health Sciences, University of Defense (FMHS). Although CTBT has been mainly established due to partner institution research activities in the field of life sciences, recently Philosophical Faculty and Faculty of Education put a lot of effort to commercialize their results as well.

CTBT's main goal is a successful management of the commercialization activities of the intellectual property, e.g. licensing patents or launching spin-off companies. For this purpose, CTBT provides researchers with both administrative, legal and business development assistance. CTBT staffs directly search for suitable investor or business partner that might be interested in licencing the technology and they negotiate licensing terms.

CTBT is a small regional TTO having only 4 full time employees. There are three specialists that manage technologies from the beginning (identifying new idea, technology, product, method, SW) through technology improvements (additional tests, feedback from market, proof of concept projects, IP protection) to the end (license, spin-off, assignment, exploitation, contract termination). CTBT specialists don't have separate roles for each part of the commercialization process, so they apply "area of science" approach guaranteed by the background of each employee - medicine / clinical trials and economy / ICT. CTBT has one person as IP administrative support staff. Moreover, TTO infrastructure includes 12 technological scouts from all three research institutions who are engaged in the tech transfer process through giving us their expert opinion on the invention, sharing useful contract to other experts or companies that could be useful for this whole process. Sometimes CTBT contracts external experts - lawyers, patent attorneys as consultants for their commercialization activities.

As each technology commercialization process is of a very individual nature, CTBT must be very flexible in its approach. They always strive for a win-win strategy, in which both partners - research institution and private sector organization must benefit in some way.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact dr. Bartošová directly weather on e-mail: or phone +420 727 802 314 / +420 495 83 2925.

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