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Rehabilitation Pad

Unique rehabilitation device that helps patients exercise on the bed in order to maintain physical condition and prevent complications from long-term hospitalization.

Rehabilitation pad is an unique device that is intended for use on the patients’ bed during their hospital stay for active exercise of the lower limbs, abdominal and back muscles in order to maintain/improve physical condition and prevent complications from long-term hospitalization. It enables independent exercise without constant nursing staff assistance and the need for professional settings. The pad is also intended for home use. It has not been certified as a medical device yet.

Intended use
The rehabilitation pad is mainly intended for:
• adults and adolescents from 12 years of age, with a minimum body height of 120cm, who are confined to bed for a longer period of time, and their health condition allows exercising
• seniors, who have been confined to bed for a long period of time and need to strengthen the lower half of the body and rehabilitate walking
• patients after acute illness that are being rehabilitated in home care

Rehabilitation pad enables:
• to exercise the lower limbs as soon as possible after recovering from critical condition
• development of muscle strength of lower limbs, abdominal and back muscles
• independent exercising and improving fitness that leads to earlier recovery

Features / Benefits
RELLA - unique rehabilitation pad enables patients that are confined to bed for a longer period simple exercising and rehabilitation leading to faster recovery, thus shortening the time of being confined to the bed and restoring physical condition leading to a faster return to the original quality of life.

Main advantages
• minimal supervision of other person needed
• simple exercise of the lower limbs, abdomen and back
• possibility to exercise the limbs alternately or both at the same time
• sliding plates can be locked to ensure safe manipulation with the pad
• the possibility of exercising with bandaged limbs
• the pad can be used on any type of bed
• easy manipulation (light weight)

The rehabilitation pad consists of a light aluminum structure measuring 820 x 630 x 50 mm, on which two plates measuring 250 x 258 mm are placed. The fastening belt is made of polyester.

All information & media is available at the ELLA-CS, s.r.o website.

Rehabilitation Pad


The pad is placed directly on the bed. To secure it against movement, it is attached to the bed by tightening the fixation belt. Patient lies on the bed in a supine position and the heels are placed on the sliding parts of the rehabilitation pad while the lower limbs are stretched. Movable plates enable exercise of the lower limbs by horizontal movement.

During the flexion of the limbs at the hip and knee joint, it moves the feet towards the buttocks. During straightening in the hip and knee joint, it pushes the feet away from the buttocks. During these movements, the muscles of the lower limbs are strengthened (especially the thigh and calf muscles). At the same time, the abdominal muscles and the stabilizing muscles of the back are exercised. The plates move independently of each other, it is also possible to lock them and connect them together and thus perform exercises with both legs at the same time.

The boards have a synthetic rubber top that ensures a non-slip surface.

The exercise methodology is not structured in any way, and the procedure and frequency (exercise length) generally depends on the specific condition of the patient.

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Technology "Exercise equipment and bed with exercise equipment" is owned by University Hospital Hradec Králové. Czech patent 308 177 is granted (priority date 12. 12. 2018). The development was supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the programme for applied research, experimental development and Innovation GAMA – Project TG02010020 – Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies – PoC. Final product in non-exclusively licensed to ELLA-CS, s.r.o.

Team of Inventors

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prof. MUDr. Luboš Sobotka, CSc.
University Hospital Hradec Králové

The 3rd Department of Internal Medicine - Metabolic Care and Gerontology

Principal investigator & coinvestigator of multiple research projects and clinical studies

Member of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, the Czech Society for Clinical Nutrition and Intensive Metabolic Care

Owner of multiple patents & licensed technology

Contact Us

For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us directly:
Lucie Bartošová, Ph.D., or +420 495 832 925.

Stay in touch with us on social media where you can follow recent progress in developing technologies.

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