Lucie Bartošová

Helena Linhartová, MD, RTTP

Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies Specialist

Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies (CTBT) was established in 2012 at the University Hospital Hradec Králové as a joint commercialization office for researchers from University Hospital Hradec Králové (UHHK), University of Hradec Králové (UHK) and Faculty of Military Health Sciences (FMHS), University of Defense. The main mission is commercialization of the outcomes of R&D, contract research and related services and protection of intellectual property of all participating institutions including management of legal protection of new technologies. Due to our services being provided for all three institutions, CTBT has a wide range of areas to serve: life sciences prevail (e.g. biomarker´s detection by modern diagnostic methods, pharmacology and proteomics of new molecules, food supplements and healthy nutrition, rehabilitation aids, surgical instruments and medical devices, military acute and preventive medicine) accompanied with information and communication technologies as well as with social science humanities.

CTBT is a team of 4 people (1 head of dpt., 2 specialists including me and 1 administrative support). Employees do not have specific positions for IPR and business development within the team, each of us runs its own project from the beginning and manages the whole commercialization process. As the team they complement each other via the different background of each member (pharmacy/chemistry, ICT/economy, medicine/clinical trial) during the process. Each member of the team works on collecting, analyzing and evaluating information from the commercial sector and promotes activities of the Centre and researchers. They help researchers to identify suitable funding sources for projects with commercial potential if proof of concept is needed and provides an active search for commercial partners. The marketing and business strategy is major part of all PoC projects.

Helena joined the team in 2014, when processes within TTO were largely set up and CTBT has already gained more awareness among researchers. More experienced colleagues of hers, who were at the birth of the CTBT, helped her to integrate into the running office and passed on valuable experiences. Her background in general medicine has enabled her to specialize in life science technologies and go more in depth of such technologies and to become a valuable partner for researchers. As many of research projects require clinical testing, she is in close cooperation with Institutional review board (IRB) of UH HK and Czech Regulatory Authority (State Institute for Drug Control – SÚKL). UH HK is the largest medical facility and medical service provider in the region of Eastern Bohemia, which is important for contractual research. Every year, the hospital carries out hundreds of drug clinical trials and medical device clinical tests. Helena provides communication support between researchers/management of the institution and corporations in the field of management and conduct of clinical trials for the biopharmaceutical industry - pharma companies/contract research organisations - to ensure steady flow of clinical trials (phase II – IV mostly) from various therapeutic fields to different clinical departments. She also participated in creation and development of the Clinical trial department of UHHK.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact dr. Linhartová directly weather on e-mail: or phone +420 727 802 314 / +420 495 834 250.

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