Assessment and evaluation of technologies

Most scientists and professionals works very well with information sources within their expertise – scientific databases and publications, they closely monitor and evaluate the activities of leading scientists and practitioners within their expertise in professional journals, at conferences and in the context of personal relationships and academic cooperation.

CTBT provides usual academic practice with less common information sources and brings new perspectives to the same scientific and practical research and development and thus, among other things, identifies and evaluates:

  1. Current state of the art in the patent and non-patent literature
    “How the assessed result of research compares with present and new comming technologies? Is it really new? Is it really delivering a better solution?”
  2. The current market and business information
    “How many companies operate in this area of technology? What are their business results? Where these companies put their investment in? Is  the market new, saturated or growing? What are the alternatives? By how much is a new solution better? Who would want to put your technology into practice and  bring it to the market? What are the trends for the companies in the relevant fields and what do key opinion leaders expect to happen? Is the market ready for the new solution in mind? “
  3. The size of the problem to be solved – Epidemiology
    “How many problems the new technology solves occur in the Czech Republic? And Europe? And globally? Where is the highest incidence? An increasing number of cases or decreasing? What influences the frequency?”
  4. Technology rediness for the practical use
    “What specific steps are to be accomplished before the new solution gets to their customers or patients? How these steps are time-consuming and expensive? What are the risks in terms of safety and efficacy? Does the new technology require new essential knowledge and skills, before the doctor or businesses can apply it? How many steps are necessary to cover from the “academic resources” before the technology is attractive for a serious candidate company?

Here you can look in our forms with which we evaluate each new result of research before we start further work with it:

Technology Commercialization Assessment – CTBT – Form (available only in Czech)

Technology Commercialization Assessment – inventor – Form (available only in Czech)

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