Research Services

We build partnerships between you and our research teams usually through different types and levels of cooperation:

  1. Sponsored Research and Development… on this type of cooperation are usually more interested in experienced foreign partners – research and development is directed according to the sponsor, then the results of a research project organization and the sponsor has a preferential right to obtain a license (Sponsored Research and Development).
  2. Joint Research and Development… with partners to share the costs and benefits of the joint project (Cooperative Research and Development).
  3. Custom Research and Development… research and development is carried out fully for the account and risk of the partner – the contracting authority, the contracting authority has the results. Research organizations generally do not get to share intellectual property or incurred in future revenue emerging technologies. Any value of future revenues from technologies must be given to applicable laws reflected in the total price of custom research, so this form of contracting normally considerably expensive (Contract/Contracted Research).
  4. Research and Development Services… customer service or work derives one or more elements of our professional services experts at market price. Purpose of the service is not handing over any intellectual property arising beyond the services provided (Consultancy/Research Services).

The scope of cooperation is the result of negotiations between the candidates and our partner research teams, but they generally cover the following areas:

  1. Cooperation in basic or applied research– funded by grants or subsidies from national, European or international sources.
  2. Cooperation for development of drugs or medical devicesor new uses of existing drugs and medical devices.
  3. Clinical trials, test and assessments of drugs and medical devices
  4. Implementation of in vitro, in vivo preclinical tests, including their design and management

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