Mandatory Invention Disclosure

All employees of any organization have a legal obligation to immediately provide his employer with invention disclosure, improvement proposal, utility or industrial design, computer program, which was created during or in connection with work done for such an employer.

Employees of the University Hospital Hradec Králové and the University of Hradec Králové have an obligation to do so through the Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies by filling in and handing in a specific forms that can be found below and in the documents to download section (Czech version only).

Similar forms for the same purpose are to fill in the employees of Faculty of Military Health Sciences of the University of Defense. The staff of Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies  can hel such employees with completing and processing the forms.

In case you are a non-Czech speaking employee of these partner institutions, ask Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies staff members for assistance, we can help you with language conversions as well.

Here are the direct links to the recent versions of the Invention Disclosure Forms for all institutions (available in Czech version only):

UHHK – Invention disclosure form – Internal Policy No 93-v2.doc

UHK-Invention disclosure from Rector Decree-2015-6.doc

UNOB Improvement proposal MPR 2007.dotx

UNOB Notification about IP creation MPR 2007.dotx

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