Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies

Welcome to our website! Here are some of the technologies in our portfolio:

CHOLINESTERASE REACTIVATORS AS ANTIDOTES Potential new antidote against organophosphorus pesticides in agriculture and in terrorist attacks.
TACRINE AND ANTAGONIST OF NMDAR HYBRIDS Hybrids capable of inhibiting AChE and BuChE and excessive calcium intake due to chronic hyperstimulation of NMDAR in patients with Alzheimer's disease.
ABAD INHIBITORS - NOVEL THERAPEUTIC STRATEGY TO TREAT ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE New molecules of ABAD inhibitors - as potential drugs for the treatment of causes of Alzheimer's disease with in-vitro verified activity.
TACRINE HYBRIDS BEARING ANTIOXIDANT ABILITIES Hybrid tacrin molecules are able to inhibit both AChE and BuChE. Parts of the structure with antioxidant properties are capable of capturing free radicals, and only negligible toxicity for hepatic cells has been demonstrated.
BREAST CANCER DETECTION FROM SWEAT Breast carcinoma diagnostic test based on metabolomics analysis of apocrine sweat comparably more sensitive and more specific than x-ray mammography.

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