Education and Training in IPR Protection

Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies regularly provides training to the staff of partner institutions, as we have compiled simple and understandable educational and interpretive seminar on intellectual property rights protection, the necessary conditions for the commercialization and relative actions and goals. This seminar is delivered as part of a block course in the Ph.D. Studies and on the demand of individual workplaces as well. Examples of presentations of our workshops, see documents for download (only in Czech language).

We strive to ensure that our researchers and students are clear in these issues:

  • What is the nature of the invention and what is really valuable for businesses?
  • Why be on the lookout when a representative of more or less famous companies approaches a researcher, a student or a professional practitioner and asks for “unimportant favours” and opinions of their field of specialization?
  • How do I correctly and ethically co-work with companies?
  • How to protect own good ideas?
  • What steps are necessary to make in order to get own ideas into practice under own name?
  • How fairly and ethically proceed to get well deserved and just rewards for own good ideas?

We know, unfortunately, a few cases with a sad ending for the inventor and his employer – the research institution, where in the good faith handed a very interesting and valuable know-how and the nature of the invention to a private company, which is not legally obliged now to financially compensate now neither the inventor nor the employer in any way and the company fails to recognize such valuable input and hence reward the institution or inventors too.

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