Commercialization funding

Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies helps researchers and businesses identify suitable sources of funding for commercially viable projects that build on the objective of common interest. In collaboration with grant departments of partner research institutions, funding agencies and other providers of subsidies we prepare a sound applications for a grants or subsidies. We have good experience in using national and multinational or foreign subsidies (Technology Agency CR, Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, EU funds, the Agency for Healthcare Research CR and others).

Simultaneously we manage and effectively utilize internal resources of the partner institutions, especially the financing of contractual and patent protection, literature research services, partial proof-of-concept projects and marketing activities.

We are loosely connected to several experienced organizations that in case of interesting results with high potential and high financial costs may be invited into the partnership for commercialization and to obtain additional funding for the exploitation of innovations which we would otherwise not be able to finance from our own sources.

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