Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies

CTBT‘s responsibilities include management of legal protection of new technologies streaming from research and development in the form of patents, utility models or classified know-how. In this area we provide both administrative and legal support, we carry out patent and non patent literature searches.
CTBT‘s main goal is successful management of the commercialization activities of the intellectual property, eg. licensing patents or launching spin-off companies. In this way we provide researchers with both the administrative and legal and business development assistance. We directly search for a suitable investor or business partner that might be interested in licencing the technology and we negotiate licensing terms.
CTBT is one-stop contact point for businesses seeking a research partner and intending to assign contract research task. CTBT assists the researchers to build and arrange appropriate conditions of contract research with commercial partners. Due to the extensive network of contacts, CTBT facilitates the cooperation with companies that are interested to participate in the cooperative research schemes on the topics of expertis of our research teams.
CTBT representatives regularly participate in trade fairs and conferences, which promote research and development of all partner institutions.
Employees are members of international organization in the field of technology transfer – AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers)


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